a glimpse at LibriVox
About retroLV

retroLV (pronounced retro-el-vee) is a web portal to LibriVox audiobooks. It was designed to be simple while providing essential information about the audiobooks and their access. On this site, users can browse and search for LibriVox audiobooks, and learn more about an audiobook and the available files through its details page.

The details page for each audiobook is generated dynamically using data from the Internet Archive (IA), which hosts the LibriVox audiobooks. The links provided on the details page are direct links to downloadable files or streams from the IA. The list of audiobooks on this site is kept current to within a few hours of the IA list.

This site was designed to be responsive to small screens, so it should also be accessible on mobile devices with a W3C-compliant web browser.

This site has no formal affiliation with LibriVox or the Internet Archive.

This web application is written in Perl and uses the Catalyst MVC framework. Its developer can be contacted at Email address .