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Love is the Best Doctor
January 07, 2018
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LibriVox recording of Love is the Best Doctor by Molière. (Translated by Henri van Laun.) Read in English by Availle; ToddHW; Rapunzelina; Larry Wilson; Victor Villarraza; Sandra Schmit; Leanne Yau; SaraHale; Craig Franklin; Eva Davis; TJ Burns; Jessie Percival; Son of the Exiles; Sonia; Nemo; DrPGould; alanmapstone; Zames Curran; Tomas Peter Four most fashionable doctors are called in by Sganarelle to cure his daughter, but instead they argue about everything and Sganarelle is driven to the streets where he finds a quack and his daughter's disguised lover. Moliere: "This is only a slight impromptu, a simple pencil sketch, which it has pleased the King to have made into an entertainment. It is the most hastily composed of all those written by order of his Majesty; and when I say that it was sketched, written, learned, and acted in five days, I shall only be speaking the truth." This is a spoken version, without the original songs and dances to the music of Lully. - Summary by ToddHW Cast list: Comedy: TJ Burns Music: Rapunzelina The Ballet: Availle Sganarelle, father to Lucinde: Larry Wilson Clitandre, in love with Lucinde: Tomas Peter Monsieur Guillaume, dealer in hangings: Victor Villarraza Monsieur Josse, goldsmith: Craig Franklin Monsieur Tomes, a physician: Sonia Monsieur Desfonandres, a physician: ToddHW Monsieur Macroton, a physician: Son of the Exiles Monsieur Bahis, a physician: DrPGould Monsieur Filerin, a physician: alanmapstone A Notary: Zames Curran Lucinde, Sganarelle's daughter: Jessie Percival Aminta, Sganarelle's neighbor: SaraHale Lucretia, Sganarelle's niece: Leanne Yau Lisette, maid to Lucinde: Eva Davis A Quack: Nemo Stage Directions: Sandra Schmit Editor: ToddHW For further information, including links to online text, reader information, RSS feeds, CD cover or other formats (if available), please go to the LibriVox catalog page for this recording. For more free audio books or to become a volunteer reader, visit .

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