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The Romance Of The Commonplace
Frank Gelett Burgess
October 10, 2018
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LibriVox recording of The Romance Of The Commonplace by Frank Gelett Burgess. Read in English by David Wales Thirty four whimsical, tongue-in-cheek, and entertaining essays about not much in particular, published in 1902, by one of the most popular writers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The American Gelett Burgess (1866-1951) was an artist, art critic, poet, author, and humorist. Nonsense verse (none in this collection) was a specialty. - Summary by David Wales For further information, including links to online text, reader information, RSS feeds, CD cover or other formats (if available), please go to the LibriVox catalog page for this recording. For more free audio books or to become a volunteer reader, visit .

Tags: humor essay twentieth century

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